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Winter months can be a pain to any homeowner with energy bills reaching an annual high, not to mention the cold feet when you hit the floor in the morning. There is a solution: spray foam insulation. Bridges ice before roadways because there is cold air coming from underneath, as well as from the top. This is the same idea when it comes to your home, that is why the most common indicator that your crawl space needs to be insulated is cold floors. Cold air in your crawl space not only leads to higher energy bills, but also is a factor in freezing pipes, and if you ductwork is ran throughout your crawl space, your warm air is cooling before it ever reaches your vents inside you home. It’s time to have your crawl space evaluated and find out of spray foam is right for you. For your free consultation call APC Spray Foam at (423) 682-5756.

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Whether you are a contractor working on a new development, or a couple building your dream home, spray foam insulation offers advantages that you might not be aware of. Did you know that in addition to lowering monthly energy bills, spray foam insulation in your home could qualify you for tax credits and rebates? What if I told you that spray foam insulation could also save you money when purchasing that new HVAC system by allowing you to shop for smaller systems because of the added benefits of spray foam. And that’s not all, spray foam can greatly reduce the cost that is associated with roofing your new home allowing for fewer roofing materials used in the construction process. Lower construction costs and more peace of mind are just a few things that spray foam insulation offers. Want to learn more? Call for your free consultation with APC Spray Foam at (423) 682-5756.


A drafty house can be the biggest downfall of a homeowner leading to unnecessarily high energy bills especially during the winter months. Spray foam insulation offers a two fold solution to this problem not only insulating the home, but acting as an air barrier especially in those hard to reach areas where air leakage is a major problem leading to a savings of up to 40% on your monthly energy costs. Sealing off your basement, crawl space, attic, soffits, and around your windows with spray foam insulation can help insure that your home is prepared to face any season, and that your HVAC unit isn’t overworked leading to costly repair bills. Find out how spray foam insulation can put more money back into your pocket by calling for your free consultation with APC Spray Foam at (423) 682-5756.


Studies have proven that over 15% of Americans are allergic to their own home. Mold, mildew, moisture, and dust are all factors when it comes to the air quality in your home that can negatively affect allergies. Spray foam insulation can make a huge difference in eliminating the allergens from your home by not only reducing those mentioned before but also aiding in preventing other allergens such as carbon monoxide and pollen. Closed cell spray foam not only provides an air barrier, but a moisture barrier preventing growth of spores and helping eliminate the build up of dust and pollen particles from entering your home. Having your attic, crawl space, and even your walls spray foamed will help dramatically reduce allergy flare ups and asthma attacks. Call APC Spray Foam at (423) 682-5756 for your free consultation and see how spray foam insulation can help change your life.